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Deer Forest Sculpture

Deer Forest Sculpture


794729 metalwork 與「沉穩」:

甫踏進較為陽剛味濃厚的 794729 metalwork,有種步入了森林的感覺。銀器首飾設計師 Ivan Keung一系列以動物為主題的設計最為搶眼,栩栩如生的動物銀器,加上深色格調的店舖, 令人恍如置身於密林,靜謐而平和。
Ivan Keung 特別為「#PMQGiftYourStyle」創造出 The Deer Forest Collection,系列包括鹿林雕塑及鹿林頸鏈,細緻無比的手工雕刻,表現出鹿的沉穩與平和。在鹿角延伸出繁盛密林,喻意生活在動盪的紛亂世界,我們的思想很容易被沮喪和焦慮所佔據,忘記了愛和善良的重要性。正如聖方濟沙雷氏
(St.Francis de Sales)的名言「There is nothing as strong as tenderness, And nothing as tender as true strength.」而 Jeff Li的紋身圖案設計也特別以橄欖枝作為配襯,營造出圍繞在鹿子旁邊的自然之美。



“There is nothing as strong as tenderness, And nothing as tender as true strength.”- Saint Francis de Sales.

Living in a turbulent and chaotic world our mind can easily be occupied by the feeling of frustration and anxiety which cause us to forget the importance of love and kindness. Stress and anger feeds a restless heart while compassion and tenderness can heal one. Inspired by the one of Saint Francis’s famous quotes, we created the Deer Forest collection where we choose the deer to symbolize gentleness and grace. To capture the calmness and peacefulness of the deer, the face features and the delicate details are done by the hand-carving method while the horns are replaced by real branches and leafs casted with sterling silver in order to present the liveliness of an olive branch.

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