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The brand and his work are presented in the newly opened concept store located in PMQ, Central District, Hong Kong. In this store, his unusual and exceptional ideas can be seen through his work made of gold, silver and copper. Apart from his solos, there are also artworks created together with a number of local designers and artists.



With 10 years of silver accessory design and production experience, Ivan Keung, a silver accessory designer in Hong Kong, created 794729metalwork. 

IVAN KEUNG, the founder of a Hong Kong silver accessory brand Silversmith, established another more high-end accessory brand 794729metalwork.


IVAN KEUNG started his silver accessory design and production journey after the encounter with a young silversmith, Abram Chu. He began his creation in a 100ft storeroom and moving on to having two silver accessory stores. He put all his effort in his own designs.

During these years, IVAN KEUNG has gained a lot of knowledge from the silversmiths he encountered. In 2009, aiming to further increase the knowledge and improve the skills of his expertise, Ivan studied Jewellery Design & Production in SCE HKBU. His work gradually ripens and wins acceptance.

During his 8-year journey, IVAN KEUNG made friends with designers, artists and craftsmen from various fields, creating numerous chemical reactions in his work.


He invited some of his designer/artist friends to have a crossover with 794729metalwork.

The Designer


According to the periodic table of chemical elements, No.79 stands for gold, while No.47 stands for silver and No.29 stands for copper. IVAN KEUNG makes use of these 3 elements to create something different. The work presented by 794729metalwork are originally designed by IVAN KEUNG and exquisitely carved by silversmiths.

Crossover Work

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