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794729metalwork Concept Store

We are excited to announce the opening of 794729metalwork at Police Married Quarters in Central! REAL SOON!! In the meantime, let's have a glimpse of how we come up with our new brand!

'We are delighted that the public has loved our products and supported our brand Silversmith for so many years. In 2014, I would like to share something different through our new brand 794729metalwork!" said Ivan Keung, the designer-in-chief and founder of Silversmith & 794729metalwork.

794729metalwork is a concept store created by the Hong Kong jewlery designer, Ivan Keung, aiming at sharing his wildest ideas! He will show you how crazy he can go ;D We are sure that as fans of Silversmith, you would definitely love our brand new products! For those who have not yet known Silversmith, brace yourself for the unique creativity presented in our artworks under the new brand 794729metalwork!

Can't wait to meet you guys! Hope to see you all in the soft launch! More info of the soft launch will be anounced soon!


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